What kind of stuff, exactly?

I'm glad you asked! With a Premium membership, you get:

- The ability to customize your upload outline color!
- When you Orbit someone's Galaxy, your profile picture will show up instead of a gray circle, and it links to your Galaxy!
- If you're the newest person to get Premium, you'll be promoted at the top of the main page of Cosmoa! - You'll contribute to how much people can earn from monetization. The more people who become Premium members, the more everyone earns!

More Premium features on the way

Since Cosmoa is still in development, there will continue to be more things added to Premium subscriptions, like...

- Poll Uploads, which will allow other users to vote for options you specify, with other options to customize as well
- Customizing the background image and color of Sound uploads
- Image upload cropping/filtering
- Livestream DVR support

And much more!

Supporting Cosmoa's Continued Existence

Cosmoa needs your continued support to thrive! Starting at just $5 a month, you can help support future development by making it more possible to work on Cosmoa full time :)

Premium is pretty cool

You should get it B)

Pay what you want!
(There's a minimum amount of $5 a month/$50 a year though :P)
(And a maximum amount of $50 a month/$500 a year, so you don't go TOO crazy)