What the heck is a Cosmoa?

Cosmoa is a social media website, built from the ground up. It was inspired by the best parts of the golden age of internet/social media, and the frustration of current services' unfair restrictions and dumb """features""" (Twitter's character limit, YouTube's demonetization, Discord's UI updates, you know >:c).

With a space-themed twist, we brought back the glory days of the early internet, hence our fantastic slogan that is really awesome.

Why we're cool:

We just be.

Specifically, though:
-Everything is sorted by newest, so you are guaranteed a spot on the front page! -We are not corporate as heck. The developer of Cosmoa is always checking out new uploads and interacting with the community! (He's also the one writing all this, hello!) -We have 0 advertisements, because those suck. -We don't sell your data, because that also sucks.
But hey, don't take my word for how awesome Cosmoa is! Check it out!

Oh hi, you made it to the bottom of this page. Cool, here's a random upload