What the heck is a Cosmoa?

Cosmoa is a social media platform, built from the ground up. It was inspired by the best parts of the golden age of the internet, and the frustration of current services' unfair restrictions and corporate attitudes.

With a space-themed twist, we brought back the glory days of the early internet, hence our fantastic slogan that is really awesome.

Why we're better:

-Everything is sorted by newest by default, so you are guaranteed a spot on the homepage! -We aren't a faceless corporation that's tone-deaf to the community. The founder/developer of Cosmoa is always checking out new uploads and interacting with everyone! (He's also the one writing all this, hello!) -We have 0 advertisements by default, because those suck. -We don't sell your data, because that also sucks.

What does Taking the Internet Back mean?

In short, it means bringing back the vibrant personality of the golden age of the internet, without algorithms practically determining what people should post if they want to be popular. In other words, the community gets to decide what they want to watch and create again!
Anyway, if you're excited to see what Cosmoa is all about, you can check it out here! You can also just click the logo at the top or click on the Home button at the top of the page. So many options!

Also, here's our Terms of service/Privacy Policy, as well as how you can Contact Us :P

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